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Social budgeting is the online sharing of social and economic knowledge among networks and groups of people for the purpose of improving lives and livelihoods.

Social Budgeting

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What's New

May 10, 2017: Version 2.0.8 focused on developing Social Performance Analysis algorithms. This site holds the database, the GitHub site holds the source code. The Source Code tutorial summarizes the changes for this release.

The following references have been updated in the Issues section. As of Version 2.0.2, most of these references won't be updated because all of the latest references can be found in the tutorials on the site.


Climate Change Examples (i.e. IT is still in its infancy)

Example 1. Hurricanes, St. Lucia, Caribbean Ex- 1 - Hurricane DRR/2141223461/none

Example 2. Floods, Semarang, Indonesia Example 5 - Floods DRR/2141223469/none

Example 3. Earthquakes, Bogota, Columbia Ex- 2 - Earthquake DRI/2141223462/none

Example 4. Generic Risk Management Indicators Ex 3 - Generic RMI/2141223463/none

Example 5. Generic Resiliency Index Indicators Ex 4 - Generic RI/2141223464/none

Example 6. Drought, Uttar Pradesh, India and Saana'a Basin, Yemen Example 6 - Drought DRR and DSS/2141223470/none

Ag Example: Corn Soybean Rotation/273071632/none

Monitoring and Evaluation Example and E RI Progress/43/none

Natural Resource Disasters Example Ex- 2 - Earthquake DRI/2141223462/none

Food Systems Example Basic Stock Operations/759/none/

Public Infrastructure Example Infrastructure Analysis Example/275505677/none/

Machinery Examples Examples/2126771346/none

Mobile Budgeting
Investment Analysis
IEarned Value Management Analysis

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