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Monitoring and Evaluation Analysis 2


This reference explains how to start to collect, measure, and analyze, basic monitoring and evaluation data (1*). DevTreks believes that every project, program, and technology, from malnutrition improvement projects to garment factory safety programs to new climate change abatement technologies, has a story to tell and lessons to teach. Those lessons can only be learned when monitoring and evaluation data about work progress and performance is collected, measured, aggregated, analyzed, explained, and saved in online knowledge banks. A full, uniform, and accurate accounting of work progress and performance for investments made in malnutrition improvements, medical treatments, conservation practices, flood prevention technologies, factory safety programs, and public infrastructure, should be one or two links away for everyone. If a business owner, lender, nonprofit member, government official, or citizen, needs to make a decision involving project, program, and technology progress and performance, they should have ready access to the best data available. This reference introduces another DevTreks way to build these knowledge banks.

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