Conservation Analysis 1


This reference explains how to start to collect, measure, and analyze basic resource stock data (2*). DevTreks believes that all resource stock data, from the carbon budgets of Iowan corn fields to student performance indicators for El Salvadoran students, has stories to tell and lessons to teach. Those lessons can only be learned when data about resource stocks is collected, measured, aggregated, analyzed, explained, and saved in online knowledge banks. Full, uniform, and accurate analyses of, per capita C02 emission balances for Beijing households, food quality ratings for Bangladeshi street vendors, nutrient management budgets for Guatemalan milpa fields, knowledge balance reports for Calexico students, and health care status indicators for Ghana’s health sector, should be one or two links away for everyone. If a resource stock expert, business owner, government official, worker, parent, or nonprofit member, needs to make a decision involving resource stocks, they should have ready access to the best data and advice available. This reference introduces another DevTreks way to build these types of knowledge banks.

The Resource Stock Analysis pdf reference exceeded 4MB, so its text file is used instead.

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